Jun 18, 2013

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Make Money Working from Home

What are your suggestions to make our latest snack bar nicer? Do you find it satisfactory ? Email us your details now and receive incentive for doing it. Are you hard up for money and have a say in everything seen, heard, and said? Well you maybe the perfect candidate for earning extra money as a survey taker. This could be the perfect way to put your nasty opinion to good use. Keep complaining about things and we’ll put it towards a working cause of improving a product.

Marketing companies are giving you the power to say everything you have ever wanted to say and also paying you to do so. You hate the latest new flavor in toothpaste? Great, just tell us.

Tell us what made you dislike it, preferably with explicit details so that we can use your opinion and make into a better product. We heard it through the grape vine that you hated the last Tom Clancy novel? Great, tell us why and tell us what made you so disgruntled with his writing? Leave no stone unturned. What about the latest Coldplay cd, not live up to your expectations? No matter what your complaint, there is sure to be a survey that wants to hear your thoughts and opinions on it. If you have an opinion; we have the time to listen to you.

We’ll pay you to do so, we encourage it, the bitterer, the better.

The pay won’t be too much, but you will still get rewarded for giving your intrusive thoughts instead of getting nasty glances. So the next time someone tells you to shut up because no one cares about what you have to say, you can tell them to stuff it, because you are profiting off of your opinion.

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